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The Philadelphia Pet Care Company Difference!

What Sets PPCC Apart

Philadelphia Pet Care Company

Deciding who to trust with your pet should be a thoughtful process. They are the center of your world! Philadelphia Pet Care Company understands that relationships are the key to exceptional pet care, because each pet is unique! Here at PPCC we cultivate long term relationships with our clients and their pets, to evolve together.

The responsiveness you need, with the same technology as the app based companies, such as WAG or Rover. But, we are MORE than a website! Philadelphia Pet Care Company is your pet partners.

PPCC’s caregivers are a team that works together to keep your pet safe and happy. Check out what sets us apart!


Trained in
Dog Handling.

Urban dog walks and safe handling is our #1 priority. Dog walkers will reinforce your training and commands, while they keep your pooch away from street treats and in safe proximity to other dogs.


Not Contractors.

You have the added protection of a dog walker or pet sitter covered by workmens compensation, addition to our bonding and insurance. We are also able to tell them how to do their job – contractors cannot be trained.


Trained In
Feline Care.

Furry feline friends need responsible caregivers when you’re away. We visit daily to ensure every cat is eating and eliminating normally – to watch for any signs of urinary blockage or illness. Love, play and cuddles too!


Reliability of
A Team.

If the dog walker or pet sitter calls out sick or has an emergency with another pet – your pet is still covered. Our caregivers work together to ensure each pet is safe and happy.


Responsive Management.

No customer service agents here! PPCC is accountable. When you message us – it goes to the caregiver and management. Reach out via phone, we are happy to chat and discuss your questions.


Client Feedback.

We care about your happiness. Caregivers advance based on client feedback and job performance. They are matched with the dogs and cats that fit their skill level.

Local Care
With All the Modern Convenience

Client App

Our client app gives you the ability to conveniently schedule services, update information, message, or add/remove credit card from your phone or tablet.

Auto - Pay

View and pay your invoice on our app. You can opt for auto payments to make your life easier! Tip your dog walker manually or automatically.

True Responsiveness

Message your dog walker or pet sitter to check in or ask questions. Each message is also send to management, to ensure we are aware of your pet’s care.

Photo Updates

Your dog walker or pet sitter will send you a an update at every service – with photos to brighten your day. Updates arrive via text, email and in your message feed.

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