Cat Sitting

Daily & Overnight Cat Care

Daily Cat Sitting

When the humans are away...the cats should play!

Our cat sitting services are designed to keep your cat content and happy when you have to leave home. You will receive text and email updates with plenty of photos to give you the peace of mind every cat parent needs when they leave home.

Have a last minute update for your cat sitter? Returning late? – No need to worry! Our app lets you send a direct message to your cat sitter and management.

Should an emergency arise – your cat is covered!  We’ll contact you immediately to ensure your cat receives veterinary care from your primary vet, or one of the two 24-hour emergency pet hospitals.

Pet sitting services for little critters:

Small Mammals

Parakeets & Parrots

Fish & Aquatic Pets

Amphibians & Reptiles

black cat with white paws playing with a rainbow colored ribbon on a windowsil
Standard Cat Visit


30 Minutes
  • Care for 1-2 cats
  • Each Additional Cat +$5
  • 2 Hour Time Slot
  • Daily – 10am-6pm
Extended Cat Visit


60 Minutes
  • Care for 1-2 cats
  • Each Additional Cat +$5
  • 2 Hour Time Slot
  • Daily – 10am-6pm
Off-Peak Cat Visit


30 Minutes
  • Care for 1-2 cats
  • Each Additional Cat + $5
  •  Mornings: 8am-9:30am
  • Evenings: 6pm-7:30pm
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The Care Package

Discounts For The Busy Professional

If you work long days, or travel frequently the Care Package is an ideal choice. Packages start at 10 cat sits per month and provide a discount for frequent booking. Medication placed into a pill pocket or food is included in the service fee. We are happy to provide oral and/or transdermal medication, starting at $5 per administration. This fee compensates your caregiver for the additional responsibility. 


Cat Care Package Details:
  • Free Meet and Greet
  • 10 Cat Sit Package - Care for 1-2 Cats - $180
  • 3 Cat Household: 10 Sit Package - $210
  • 10 Extended Sit Package - 60 Minutes - Care for 1-2 Cats - $300
  • 3 Cat Household - 10 Extended Sit Package - $330
Become A Client
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Overnight Cat Sitting

The Extra Love Your Cat Deserves

Overnight cat sitting is ideal for kittens, older felines, or cats that require medication or timed feedings. It ensures your cat is fed later in the evening and earlier in the morning, with twelve hours of affection and play. If you’re traveling for long periods of time, we suggest supplementing daily cat sitting visits with overnight care for extra companionship to alleviate loneliness. 


Overnight Cat Sitting Details:
  • $75 Per Night - 8pm to 8am
  • Care for Up to Two (2) Cats
  • Additional Cat - $10 per night
  • Feeding, Fresh Water, Treats, Litter Scoop, Litter Change
  • Holidays - $20 fee
Become A Client

We are the Purrrfect solution to your cat's needs

Cat Sitting
Sign Up Process

Complete our sign up form to let us know what services you need. We will review it within 24 hours.

You’ll receive an email invitation to our client portal to create your account and sign our client agreement.

In-home review of your cat’s routine, personality and household details before your first cat sit.

Modern Convenience

Personal Connection

Cat laying on floor with cat nip
Time Tracking

Your caregiver is monitored to ensure your cat is seen as scheduled.

Photo Updates

You will receive a visit report via text and email with photos at every visit.

Direct Messaging

When questions arise, it’s easy to chat with your caregiver and management with direct messaging.

Customized Care

We are happy to provide customized services, such as medication. Additional fees may be required.

Client App

Our client app provides access to the full functionality of our client portal – scheduling, payment, and more.

Supply Pick Up

If your cat supplies run low, we will gladly pick up what your cat needs until you return from a local retailer or amazon locker.

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